Weldon Event Photos/Videos

Weldon Rock-n Catfish Tournament May 12, 2012

Volunteer Daniella from Europe gives a her best smile for the moment

On one occasion, Mayor Meacham and a volunteer were discussing how the different events are planned and delivered to the public while I was present. The mayor said, "we learn as we go, and we talk about what we did last year, what worked and what didn't and make the necessary adjustments." 
Local Fishing Expert
Cultural Events such as fishing tournaments are not always about catching the biggest, heaviest fish and the winner. People are the central focus and core of culture. So these photos are more about observing the people, what they do, how they do it and with whom they do it.
Friends of the mayors ask me to tell the mayor they are in town.
Town Commissioner Clark, Volunteer Daniella, Mayor Meacham and Fire Dept Volunteer (left) prepare a feast for the contestants and residents to raise funds for the event, to pay for t-shirts, advertising etc. and usually they never make a profit.
The Mayor and Fire Dept work very closely to make all events happen.

Fishing Contestant collects items that come with registering for the event
One of the Fishing Guides, Captain Ponytail said, "Striped Bass fishing this year is crazy, the big ones are just nowhere to be found." "I've never seen it like this before."

The mayor and Captain Ponytail

Walter Clark the most visible town commissioner and items to raise funds for events 

Digital Tally Sheet 

Hickory Shad


New types of fishing lure training

Top Overall Winner talking to mayor

Confidently holding her winnings

Top Winners Women & Men's Division

Weldon NC 1st Market Day 11/19/2011

NC Senators Ed Jones & Michael Ray

RR Spin Editor Lance Martin Interviews Mayor Meacham

Former Commissioner Earl Smith Children's Golf Cart Ride
at Weldon NC 1st Market Day & Unveiling of Rocky

Weldon Mayor Meacham's monthly "Chat & Coffee"
Community Group Meeting 9/30/2011 10am

Market Day Highlight Featuring "Statement" 
Jewelry Vendor from Ahoskie NC
Trinette Raps "Kinky Hair"

Determined Mayor Meacham Cleans up Town of Weldon NC

Town Hall Rocky Unveiled Featuring Nathaniel Hill (artist)
And Mayor Julia M. Meacham

2010-2011 Moments with Mayor Julia M. Meacham
May 11-12 2012 24 Hour Catfish Tournament

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