Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mayor Julia Meacham Interacts with Weldon's Community of Neighbors Effectively

One person can make a difference but a community of neighbors working together will change their future. "Let's Talk about Weldon" brings residents, Mayor Julia Meacham and the commissioners face-to-face to resolve all town issues and finds solutions for the whole community. As a active participant, I have first hand experience with the mayor's personal, positive interaction with residents, in moving Weldon forward to continue to be a fun, vibrant, growing community attracting more businesses, which, more importantly will benefit residents.

So, what's all this empty talk about Johnny Draper trying to run again, against Mayor Meacham? Yes, I said "Empty Talk" especially, after I read the following news article: Weldon voters to pick between Meacham, Draper in fall's mayor's race, which made me chuckle, because Draper was asked to run again, not on merit but because a select few (unnamed) requested him to run for mayor again. Draper admitted that he said, "No" to the request.

On the other hand, I have personally followed and documented Mayor Meacham working with residents, commissioners, town workers and businesses to complete town projects together before she was elected mayor and  for approximately, the last four years. Before I provide a list of their joint accomplishments. Let me say, that pictures tell the real story and provide evidence that should influence residents to cast their votes for Mayor Meacham.

Our mayor is always willing to get her hands dirty, work in the trenches to clean up Weldon and, is not afraid of hard work.
Because presentation is so important to attract families and businesses, the oldest standing building downtown is undergoing preservation.
Photo by Della Rose 

1. Improvement of Weldon's image and protected neighborhood property values by decreasing property taxes by four cents for the past four years.
2. Cleaned up and removed 30 dilapidated business buildings and houses making Weldon a more desirable town attract new businesses and families.
3. Thirty new businesses opened in the last 3 1/2 years.
4. Established a new Street Department Building.
5. Promoted new active community and civic events.
6. Presently seeking new business owners to acquire property and provide jobs for residents.
7. Dedicated to remain in touch with the community.

Community Events are what brings people together to socialize and have fun.

Spending time with children to understand their needs and wants for the community.

Working alongside committed residents like Ms. Brooks is one of the mayors favorite activities that make for successful events.
Roanoke Rapids River provides one of the nations best water rescue training locations 
Fishing continues to attract fisherpersons of all ages & genres
Dedicated business owners like Jerry (in white) continue to grow and serve the community. Retired Marine visits Jermonico's Cafe and Catering, after a 3200 mile walk to help prevent suicides among flallen soldiers.
We are proud of our Mayor Meacham who continues to work with the residents, commissioners and businesses to improve Weldon. Vote for her this coming election in November 2013.

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