Friday, December 16, 2011

Educating the Palate at Jermonico’s Cafe and Catering

View "Rocky" from Jermonico's Cafe & Catering
By Michael Smith

Jerry Parker (owner/chef) at Jermonico’s aims to “educate patrons’ palate” to change their taste-buds for delicious, nutritious healthy food, and best described as a place where “friendly people meet to enjoy a soothing dining atmosphere to eat in or take out tasty mouth watering meals.
Jerry Parker Chef/Entrprenuer

Jermonico’s Restaurant and Catering is the latest new business to open in Weldon. Located on Highway 158 East as you enter Weldon, next to the ABC store on the right and directly across from Rocky pictured above. Jerry’s grand opening coincided with Weldon’s Market Day on November the 19, 2011. He joined the crowd to witness the unveiling of “Rocky” that branded Weldon as the “Rockfish Capital of the World.”

I thought to myself, Jerry’s marketing strategy, professionalism and big smile will surely pay off in the long run. And why. He’s a recent newly wed, married to an experienced business owner "Wards Insurance on Washington Ave" and he is one of the most friendliest, young talented entrepreneurs that I’ve met in a long time. Jerry focuses on excellence and prepares tasty, nutritious, healthy food to help people to eat healthier.

Eating healthier is a huge movement sweeping across the U.S. and Parker says, “by bringing the idea of eating healthier to a small town, he hopes to fill a need and believes it will help people to live healthier lives by offering them an opportunity to change to nutritious food. Jerry is highly educated in the culinary arts and he talked about his thesis, which is "ready for publication" and answers the question “How to combat obesity through behavior change.”

Changing eating habits can be difficult and more often than not, people resist change because they must face uncertainty which breeds fear. 

I define fear as False Evidence Appearing Real but Mr. Parker convinced me that people are willing to change their eating habits. So I asked him, what does it mean to “educate peoples’ palate.” With a little humorous smile he said, “try it you may like it” and you’ll most likely come back for more.

Jerry explained that patron’s who others might stereotype as individuals who may not eat healthy food, have returned for healthy signature foods, such as “Roma chicken sandwich” or a “chicken wrap” as a change from the also nutritious garden salad. I tried Jerry's BQ Turkey which comes in 3 sizes and a garden salad which energized my day beyond belief.
At the age of 65, I need all the energy that I can get. Try all the above, I believe you will like educating your "palate" or taste buds, change your eating habits, get energized and live, work and play healthier. However, Jerry's menu also offers grilled, fried chicken wings and potato wedges.
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Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm Jerry and wife Monica await to serve you. Try Jermonico’s signature menu combos that are reasonable priced. It’s a good idea to call in your order and if you plan to take out.

Contact Jerry at: 252 676 6785 or 252 676 1917

Stay tuned for Jermonico's updates.


  1. Perfect one michael! you are really a writer. Beautiful article for all.....

  2. Perfect one Michael! you are really a writer and good researcher. your article is good for all...

  3. Thank you Rose and thanks for kind words. Stay tuned for more

  4. Nice write up and the business sounds like it will be an asset to the community. Hope this will be good for the couple and Weldon. Also glad that they keep family hours and aren't open on Sunday, helps keep perspective.

  5. I will definitely stop there the next time I'm in Weldon! Great article, Mike!

  6. What an awesome place! And...the food is great. Try it, I'm sure you too will love it.